This software is provided with no warranty and no guarantee. We use the readily available source code provided by Red Hat to build the distribution. Any problems/vulnerabilities that are found in Red Hat are going to be present in our versions unless we specifically patched our versions.

Whenever possible we follow the release and support schedules from Red Hat, when source rpms are available, we will begin building and testing them. We believe that the testing done by Red Hat will be much greater than our own and in most cases we rely on their testing.

Unsupported Repository

Packages in the unsupported repository are provided with no support, we build these extra packages for our own use and release them to the community.


We will make the best effort to make our distribution available for everyone. There are several packages we build which are only appropriate for Princeton University or Institute for Advanced Study machines. We do our best to filter these packages out of the world readable mirror. Packages marked INTERNAL ONLY are for PU or IAS use only and should not be distributed. spec files for unreleasable packages will be made available upon request.


Use this software at your own risk. We are not the principal authors of this software, we rely on the goodwill of Red Hat to release their source code to the community, any changes to their policy will affect our ability to provide updates, security or otherwise.


Red Hat provides excellent support. If you are running mission critical or important systems, you should consider purchasing support from Red Hat

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